VCCV - Vem Conhecer
Cabo Verde!

Welcome to VCCV – Your Premier Destination Management Company (DMC) in Cape Verde! Experience the untouched beauty, vibrant culture, and warm hospitality of Cape Verde with our tailored services.

Who are we and our philosophy

Vem Conhecer Cabo Verde (VCCV) is an incoming agency in Cape Verde. The meaning of the name in English is “Come get to know Cape Verde”.

Our services cover all islands and are tailored towards our partners, as well as anyone else that is interested, with the aim that our clients sustainably get to know the “real Cape Verde”: the life behind the big hotels and beaches, discovering parts of the country off the beaten track.

We try to be as sustainable as possible and this way we hope to help the country and its people.

Cape Verde has a lot to offer for all different tastes: nature, hiking trails, culture, and of course good food are just a few examples. Each island is unique in its own way, and their combination is what makes Cape Verde the special country that it is. This is what we aim to show to our customers, working in collaboration with locals – because they know their country best.

What we offer - Our Services

As a trusted Tour Operator in Cape Verde, VCCV offers a comprehensive range of services to meet all your travel needs:

  1. Tailored Tours: From single services to multi-week round trips, we create tours tailored to your preferences and interests.
  2. On-Site Customer Care: We offer on-site customer care, including a German-speaking emergency hotline, ensuring you have support whenever you need it during your trip.
  3. Excursions for Cruisers: Explore the best of Cape Verde with our specially designed excursions for cruisers.
  4. Guided Hikes: Experience the natural beauty of Cape Verde up close with our guided hikes.
  5. Transfers: We provide reliable and convenient transfer services to and from airports and other key locations in Cape Verde.
  6. Ecologically Aligned Trips: We offer ecologically aligned trips that provide added value to the regions and a respectful exposure with people and nature.

Each of our services is designed with the aim of helping our clients sustainably get to know the ‘real Cape Verde’.

Why Cape Verde?

As a leading Travel Agency in Cape Verde, we invite you to discover a hidden gem in the Atlantic. Each of the ten islands offers a unique travel experience, from adventure and relaxation to cultural immersion. With VCCV, you’ll discover the real Cape Verde – its diverse landscapes, rich culture, and the genuine warmth of its people.

Our Partners

As a dedicated Travel Services Provider, we believe in the power of local partnerships. We work closely with local businesses and communities in Cape Verde to provide our clients with authentic and enriching experiences. These partnerships not only ensure that our clients get the best services but also contribute to the local economy and promote sustainable tourism.